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a living benefit:

You  have the power to chose a  “new kind” of life insurance. 

Whether it's term, universal life, indexed universal life, or whole life products

with an accelerated death benefit as a living benefit

 which  allows you 

the ability to accelerate the death benefit in your life insurance policy

 should you  get sick or injured. 

This revolution in life insurance coverage is the best way to protect yourself from

 the financial hardship and medical bankruptcy risks

 associated with such occurrences from; 

 heart attack, cancer diagnosis, stroke, or any other critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

 The accelerated death benefit rider

  makes these living benefits possible!

 Simply put, 

it’s a better, evolved breed of life insurance

that comes at the same cost to you.



Avoid confusion:

 let  others know what you want for your individual care before you need help 

Advance directives explain how you want medical decisions to be made when you're too ill to speak for yourself.

 These legal doc​ument's tell your

 family, friends, and health care professionals:

What kind of health care

 you want 


Who you want to make decisions

 for you!

Types of Advance Directives

Advance Directives legally states which treatment you want if your life is threatened, including:

Dialysis and breathing machines

Resuscitation if you stop breathing or if your heart stops

Tube feeding

Organ or tissue donation...

How to get advance directives

Create a document  such as a HEALTH CARE POWER OF ATTORNEY  document

 in which, you name someone you trust, to make health decisions for you, if you can’t.

This can also be in the  form of a DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY which includes financial and health powers and varies State by State

(check with your State laws for Power of Attorney and HealthCare Proxy or an Attorney knowledgeable in Elder Law & Estate Planning)

Get  advance directive advice from any of these sources:

Your Health Insurance Agent -  Me!

Your Health Care Provider

An  Attorney

Your local Area Agency on Aging

Your State Health Department.

Your State Laws

What to do with your advance directives

Carry a card in your wallet that says you have an advance directive


a bracelet on your wrist with instruction for EMT's

Keep the original copies of your advance directives where you can easily find them


where your designated person(s) can locate them easily

Give a copy to

 your health care proxy

 power of attorney

health care providers


 nursing services


 family,neighbor, trusted friend...

Review your advance directives each year.